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An electrical cable is of two or more wires, or conductors, that form a single cable assembly from the wires being twisted, bonded or braided together. With these cables, stranding the wires can produce a more flexible product. This is when twisting or braiding is used within an assembly. The formation of smaller wires is more flexible than a single one that is of the same size. Usually the wires are of copper and either bare or thinly plated with another metal like tin, gold or silver in an effort to extend the wire’s life. Plating also makes soldering easier and offers between-strand lubrication.

There are quite a few types of electrical cables, and the one chosen truly depends on the application it is being used for. As an example, many older homes have electrical systems based on use of single conductor wires, but newer homes and other more recent applications will use multi conductor cables because they are more convenient to use.

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